Root Canal Therapy
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Preserving Your Natural Teeth

Root Canal Therapy is essential for saving teeth that are damaged or infected. At Biltoft Dental, our Murwillumbah dentist team specialises in this treatment, aiming to preserve your natural teeth and avoid extractions whenever possible.

Advanced Treatment Techniques

Our dentists use modern techniques and advanced technology to perform root canal therapy with minimal discomfort. This involves removing the infected pulp, cleaning the interior of the tooth, and sealing it to prevent further infection. We focus on providing precise and gentle care.
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Family Dentistry

Comfortable Experience

Many patients are surprised by how comfortable root canal therapy can be at Biltoft Dental. Our clinic in Murwillumbah is designed with your comfort in mind, and some patients even find the procedure relaxing enough to nap through it.

Effective Pain Management

Root Canal Therapy is highly effective in relieving pain caused by tooth infections or injuries. By addressing the source of the pain and restoring the health of the affected tooth, we help you regain comfort and improve your overall oral health.
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Surgical Procedures

Complete Restoration

After the root canal procedure, we may restore the treated tooth with a crown or filling to ensure it functions properly and looks natural. This comprehensive approach helps maintain the integrity of your smile. Trust our dentist in Murwillumbah for expert care, serving areas like Crystal Creek and Chillingham.

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Root Canal Therapy

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